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Pinnacle Wellness Solutions

Your guide and resource for integrating patient-focused holistic medicine into your wellness-based practice.

About Jerry Morrison, ND

Jerry Morrison is a board-certified and licensed expert serving the Alternative/Holistic medical community since 1986 as a practitioner, consultant, and lecturer.  Jerry specializes in Male and Female Endocrinology, Gastrointestinal Issues, Renal and Hepatic challenges and Detoxification.  He has been the lead researcher for several published papers including:

  • “Effects of Whole Food and Herbal Preparations on Lower Gastrointestinal Symptoms, Stool Microbes and Metabolic Markers”

  • “Changes in Whole Blood Fatty Acid Levels Following Whole Food Omega-3 Tuna Supplementation”

  • “Efficacy of Dried Cruciferous Powder for Raising The 2/16 Hydroxyestrogen Ratio” a risk marker for Breast Cancer

  • Decrease in serum/whole blood levels of toxic chemicals and xenobiotics with the use of diet restrictions and while food and herbal preparations


As a functional medicine consultant, he has helped thousands of practitioners from different disciplines successfully incorporate functional diagnostics with nutritional and herbal therapies into their practices.  Jerry is passionate about and known for giving honest scientifically-based opinions on the various alternative medicine tools and products available to practitioners today helping practitioners weed through all of the misinformation that is so pervasive in the industry. 

We have extensive experience and success in a broad range of routine and complex clinical presentations including:


  • Various upper and lower GI complaints and pathologies - addressing the gut brain connection

  • Male and Female hormone and function assessment and support.  With and without pharmaceutical intervention.

  • Insomnia and sleep issues - the cornerstone of health

  • Various stages of renal and hepatic decline. 

  • Fatigue – the 5 headed monster 

  • Endotoxin and mycotoxin exposure and remediation

  • Chronic Immune Challenges

  • Hypertension and cardiovascular challenges.


Depending on your needs we can provide thorough and detailed interpretation and guidance on:

  • Routine Lab work

  • Functional hormone and Neuro-endocrine tests like DUTCH and saliva cortisol panels

  • Functional and pathology-based functional GI panels. KBMO, Alcat, GI-MAP, Gi-Effects / CDSA, Biomme, Viomme, and more

  • Complex nutrient and metabolite panels – Micronutrients, Organic Acids,  Methylation analysis, NutraEval

  • In-office diagnostics – Bio Impedance/RJL, Acuprobe, and others

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