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Providing holistic-based integrative protocols and consulting services to make your clinic successful, and you a hero with your patients.



Jerry Morrison, ND has served the alternative complementary community for over 30 years as a lecturer, educator, researcher, and clinician.

During his 30-year career, Jerry has helped thousands of practitioners from various backgrounds successfully incorporate nutrition into their practices using a holistic based functional medicine approach.  He has published 4  peer reviewed studied  and has lectured on a wide variety of topics  to practitioners across the nation..

What makes us different is that we do not simply apply a "one size fits all" approach to protocol and plan development.  Even though he is a wizard at interpreting various standard and functional lab work, he realizes that patients are much more complex than a set of lab results.  Asking the right questions is often as important as any lab results.  We also realize that putting together a complex protocol for a minimally compliant patient doesn't help anyone.  This is why we always take a prioritized approach when building a plan for your patients.

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We believe the proof is in the pudding. Hear from practitioners we've worked with:


If you are looking for a secret weapon to help you integrate functional medicine into your practice, then Dr. Jerry Morrison is your person. I think you will also be in awe of his extensive knowledge as I have been! 

Christy Krail Javier


Jerry has a great understanding of functional tests and labs and is able to interpret them in a holistic manner. I know I have helped many more patients by being able to consult with Jerry on specific patient issues and nutritional products than I would have been able to help without his input.  His consultations have been invaluable to me and my patients!

Stacy Scott, DC

My patients and practice have benefited greatly, and I truly believe those who haven’t had the pleasure of working with Jerry may be missing out on one of the most valuable contributors to their overall professional and personal success.

Johanna Tschanz


Our process for a building
a strong and productive partnership

 We only service 12 clients at any one time so we take great care to make sure we are a great match for your practice and goals

Getting started - Steps 1, 2 and 3

Step One -  Fill out this  brief questionnaire about your practice,  your goals and your challenges as it relates to integrating functional medicine into your practice.

Step Two - We can do an introductory/exploratory call to make sure we are a good fit for each other

Step Three - If we come to a mutual agreement, we will set up a secure HIPPA-compliant portal for you to upload patient notes, lab work, etc.  And for us to send back patient action plans, lab interpretations, etc.

Putting the system into action - Steps 4 through 7   Our goal is to make this process as streamlined and hassle free as possible.

Step Four - Based on your patient's area of concern, (Gastrointestinal, Energy/Fatigue, Metabolic Issues, Hormonal Concerns, Immune Challenges, Insomnia and Sleep, Etc.,) you will have them fill out a specific questionnaire we will provide.  You will send this form along with any relevant labs to your portal.  The more information the better!

Step Five - We will analyze the information and  prepare a recommended, prioritized course of action for each patient and send those back to you.  Depending on the individual patient and what labs /test they may have already run, we may suggest further testing which will be included in the prioritized course of action.  


Step Six - Although we shoot for a 24 hour turn around, please allow 48 hours for us to analyze any patient information to be discussed.   We will set up a mutually agreed upon time to have a 1-hour one-on-one call each week to discuss your patient cases, labs, concerns, questions, etc.  

Step Seven - You become a hero with your patients!

Doctor and Patient

Service Plan

Premium Consulting (monthly)

  • 1 on 1 consult call every week (if desired) to discuss patient cases, lab work and treatment challenges

  • Up to 30 case analysis per month. 

  • Prioritized recommended action plan for each case

  • 48 hour turnaround for questions related to protocols and patient care

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