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Updated: Apr 13

I’m a die-hard Standard Process and MediHerb fan, hands down. I’ve used them clinically for over 20 years and have seen some incredible results with my patients.

But lately, I’ve not been as happy with them. Corporate-led changes, radical price increases, back-ordered and/or discontinued products, along with a shift to rename products so they can be easily sold online has me ready to throw in the towel. #justbeinghonest

I’ve really struggled with this situation and haven’t known what to do. Yes, I’ve looked at other supplement companies to help fill in the gaps when items are back-ordered and possibly reduce the cost for the patient, but I am not willing to compromise on quality or use synthetic-based supplements.

But I’ve found another solution. One that I wish I’d known about YEARS ago.

I had no idea this company even existed!

And their products are EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for!

👉 Absolutely ZERO synthetics (SP has them in almost every product… 😔)

👉 They are 100% food-based

👉 The dosage requirements are half of what we’re used to

👉 They are NOT sold online (👏👏👏👏👏👏)

👉 Patients are getting results faster with fewer pills to take

👉 And the price is significantly lower which is even better

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not ditching SP completely. But I am going to use these new food-based supplements wherever possible, along with MediHerb products where they’re needed.

Next week, on Wednesday, 4/12, I’ll be teaching a webinar about my top 10 picks from Doctors Research AND I’ll show you how you can use them alongside (or in replacement of) Standard Process products.

It’s been hard to wrap my head around the thought that another supplement company could provide the same or even better results than what I’ve been used to.

But I’m planting my flag in the sand on this one because I believe not only will these products help our patients have even better results (and faster), but they’re more likely to be able to afford them. And that’s the most important part.

I’d love to have you join me for the webinar coming up next Wednesday, 4/12/23 at 11:30am PT.

I’ll be sharing new protocols, dosing recommendations,

and showing you

how much money your patients will save

- AND still get the same exceptional results!

*You won’t believe it.*

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